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Broadband is ever-more important to property buyers

Broadband is ever-more important to buyers, survey shows

A new study confirms the growing trend of buyers wanting good broadband links – and the possibility that homes without them may struggle to sell.

The survey suggests that 62% of prospective purchasers would at least consider not buying a house if it didn’t have a strong, reliable internet connection. When asked to list priorities for a future property, 53% put good broadband – higher proportions than for double glazing (46%) nearby shops (36%) and convenient public transport (35%).

Only a garden, the desire for a garden or outdoor space (75%) or a quiet road (56%) came out higher. Correspondingly, almost a quarter of those responding say they now expect to work from home more frequently as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

And 45% admit they rely on their internet connection up to 24 hours a day, compared with just 34% pre-lockdown.

When asked at what point in the home moving process they set up their internet connection, over 60 per cent said it came before meeting neighbours, buying furniture, taking meter readings or even unpacking boxes.

The survey was commissioned, perhaps predictably, by a telecoms company – Talk Talk – but confirms a trend reported by many agents.

Full article- https://www.estateagenttoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2020/7/broadband-becoming-ever-more-important-to-buyers-survey-shows?source=related_articles

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