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Flats still popular purchases

Flats still popular purchases

Flats, so long the favourite of buy to let investors, still constitute 15 per cent of all homes purchased according to new research. Months on, end of lock-down restrictions have led to the romanticized notion that the nation’s home-buyers are ditching city living and apartment properties for larger homes in the country.

However, analysed transaction records from the Land Registry since the start of the pandemic and found that while this may be the case for a small proportion of buyers, flats are still accounting for a notable proportion of market activity.

Flats continue to play a pivotal role in the make-up of the property market, providing a preferable lifestyle option to many, as well as a more affordable route to home-ownership. This is clear having accounted for 15 percent of all pandemic property purchases and as we continue to return to normality predictions are that flat purchases will increase further over the coming months.

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Ref: https://www.lettingagenttoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2021/8/flats-still-popular-purchases-despite-bad-press-during-pandemic