Legal & Professional - 01505 874114 / Sales and Lettings - 01505 613799

Emergency Contacts

Out of office emergency contact numbers for tenants

Plumbing & Heating

Gasman Energy
0141 8404706


If you smell gas call
Transco 24 hour emergency service:
   0800 111999
and follow instructions and advise us as soon as possible.


Arco Locksmiths
John: 07876 502519


K. Musgrove Electricians
Kevin: 07710 574599
Website: here



If you lose power completely it may be a power cut, check with neighbours or
call Scottish Power: 0845 2700700.

The power company will rectify if it is a power cut. If it is only your property that is affected it may be that a fuse has tripped (possibly a blown bulb). Check the fuse box and if one of the fuse buttons is sticking a different way from the others, push it back into place. If this works the lights should come back on and you can identify the bulb. If not, contact us.

Check out our
Maintenance Trouble Shooting Guide
for further information which could save calling a contractor.