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New Year – New Start

With your New Year Resolutions in place, thinking of eating more healthily and cutting down on other excesses for January!  Now is a good time to look at revamping your home particularly if you’re looking to sell or let the property presenting the property at its best. With Covid restrictions in place the way forward is virtual tours and a 360 degree virtual tour which picks up everything clearly in a room.

Here are some pointers on your property prep-

Entrance Hallway

First impressions are vital and when your front door opens the first thing the viewer will see is the entrance to your hall or living room.  A warm welcome, easy to navigate from the hall to each room; so clear outdoor shoes, bags, coats (can they all be stored neatly in a hall cupboard)? If you are worried about walls being too bare hang a picture or two (not too many). Make sure your light fittings are clear of cobwebs and dust and all the bulbs are working and of a high enough wattage.

Living and Dining Rooms

Books and magazines- if they are piled on the floor or table can make a room feel cluttered so put them on a book shelve (or hide them). Whilst you may have lots of pictures around the rooms of family and friends just have a good overview to make sure that there are not too many to intimidate the viewers gaze. Same with ornaments; nice to be presented in a display cabinet but if they are out on display make sure they are clear of dust. Again look at the room and remove any personal belongings, and personal items that might be lying on the floor of dining room table. Particularly now when so many of us are working “from home” try and keep the work desk office paperwork in a few box files out of eyesight.


Bedrooms should convey a calm relaxing atmosphere, make sure the bed is dressed, again hanging dressing gowns on back of doors (can they be put in a wardrobe), no boxes under beds? Over stuffed wardrobes and cupboards – have a spring clean / go through your wardrobes and drawers have a strict protocol if you haven’t worn it in the last 12 months, do you really need to keep it? Some viewers will wish to see inside storage wardrobes etc- it’s nice if you are not having to force the door shut due to excessive clothes hanging up.  Tip- use vacuum seal storge bags to reduce the bulk of the items and can be easily stored in the top shelf or base of a wardrobe.


The centre of most homes, and an added value / selling point for the property.  Modern kitchen with clear work surfaces, cupboards that have neatly stored items, go through your cupboards, check the dates on your packets of food and condiments, make sure the shelves are clean of food crumbs. Again, don’t have a lot of kitchen gadgets out on display, (a) it makes the workspace look smaller (b) it allows potential viewer to see where their items can be displayed.  Personal papers, calendars or clip boards on walls, again can these be stored away from the viewers eyeline?


When selling your home the bathroom can be another highlight and a premium, make sure cabinets don’t have unused medicines or lotions, to give a sense of style display luxury branded products, display sumptuous towels, scented candles and soaps.

Gardens and Balconies

Patios, Decking and Balconies are an outdoor space and should not be presented as extra storage area; remove all items (bicycles, clothes horse, mop and bucket) and present the space as an extra room for entertaining or enjoying being outdoors with a view place- a small table and couple of outdoor chairs, a few potted plants.

Garden sheds are usually full of clutter; things that you have been meaning to deal with for months, maybe years; now is the time to make a list of everything in the garage or shed and see what can be discarded taken to charity, upcycled or the local recycling centre.  Items that must be stored can they be put on shelves, stored in cupboard units or hang on hooks on the wall, the more floor space is seen the better.  Outside in the garden, any debris lying about, old fence panels, extra paving stones, bricks lying about clear them from view.  Make sure the garden is tidy, grass is short and there are no overgrown shrubs or trees blotting out sunlight.

I’m Sure There Are Loads More, Just A Wee Bit Of TLC Is Required- If You Are Thinking Of Selling Or Letting Please Give The Bridge Of Weir Office A Call On 01505 613799 Or Email Jmackenzie@Kingsleywood.Co.Uk.