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Pandemic rental trends are here to stay, says leading agency

Is it time to consider renting your property as pandemic rental trends are here to stay?

The rush for space to work and relax at home will still dominate the rental market for the short term at least, despite the pandemic appearing to ease in most of the country.

That’s the view of Savills which has surveyed its predominantly-upmarket client tenants to discover that despite more workers back at their desks, private outdoor space (72%) and space to work from home (66%) continue to rank as the top two priorities for prime tenants.

These come ahead of traditional ‘must haves’ such as proximity to good transport (now important to just 53%) and being close to the workplace (31%).

“The easing of pandemic restrictions – including international travel and a significant uptick in corporate and student demand – over the past three months has played a major role in the recovery in the prime lettings market” comments Jessica Tomlinson, research analyst at Savills.

“But while prices are recovering, tenant attitudes and prime property preferences have permanently shifted. Many tenants may be willing to forgo proximity to their workplace and good schooling for a private garden and more space to work from home, which will continue to impact which areas of London see the highest growth in the long term.

For the full report / detail: https://www.lettingagenttoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2021/9/pandemic-rental-trends-are-here-to-stay-says-leading-agency

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