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Social Distancing

Where Does This Leave Families That Live In Separate Households During Covid-19?

In the latest Prime Minister’s announcement this week, you are now in a position where you cannot leave your home unless it is for one of the following 4 reasons:-

  1. Shopping for basic necessities

  2. One form of exercise per day

  3. Any medical need, or to provide care for a vulnerable person; or

  4. For travelling to and from work where this absolutely cannot be done from home.

Where Does This Leave You In Relation To Contact With Your Children?

Ultimately as a parent, you will be torn between keeping your child safe and adhering to any court orders you may have in place.  It is unlikely that Contact Centres shall operate at this time and therefore families may be in a position where they cannot facilitate any contact.  If this is the case then you may wish to consider other methods in order to allow your family to keep in touch.

Given that the courts have almost ground to a halt, the advice given to solicitors is to try and manage cases as best they can, if at all possible.  Therefore, if you need support in relation to contact, then our solicitors shall do their best to try and work with other agents to progress matters.

At the moment only urgent cases will be heard by Sheriffs and non-urgent cases look like they will be postponed for a period of 12 weeks at a minimum.

Whilst these are difficult times and parents may have great difficulty dealing with each other on a personal level, it is hoped that parents may be able to ensure that they work together to protect their children and reduce the spread of Covid-19.  You must remember that this is also a worrying time for your children and ensure that you manage this to the best of your abilities.

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