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Students win thousands back from Landlord

A Glasgow landlord who refused to return a flat deposit has been ordered to pay back thousands to two students after telling a tribunal he “didn’t see the point” of a law which requires owners to safeguard the funds. The students represented themselves in a tribunal case against the landlord, who owns 15 properties in and around Glasgow, after they failed to hand back all or part of the £1,395 they had put down on the flat. The landlord had broken the law by failing to lodge the deposit with one of three Scottish Government approved schemes designed to protect both tenant and landlord. The ruling has been welcomed by the Scottish Association of Landlords, which said: “Only by any example being made of those breaking the laws, will poor practice be stamped out once and for all.” By law a Landlord can be fined up to three times the amount of the deposit by the Court if he fails to place the tenancy Deposit money with an approved government deposit scheme. As this case shows the courts take a dim view of anyone not following the law!

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