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Covid-19 – Signing & Executing Documents

We hope you are all well at this current time.

We are still arranging to have important documents, like your Will, signed in this time of social distancing and want to reassure you that these arrangements can still proceed provided we all take care.

Instructions for your will can be taken over the telephone and by video link via Facetime or WhatsApp or Zoom.  We will have to verify
your identity in the normal way however and will ask you for this information and verification at the time.

If we already have your instructions, we will complete your Will and forward it to you for signature. If because of social distancing you are unable to have anyone witness your will, then we can arrange to do this by video link.

In a situation however where you are unable to have any witness attend and have no video link available, then your signature alone at the end of your will is effective provided the will is returned to as after signature. As a precaution we will arrange for your will to be witnessed “properly” once the present emergency is over but dispensation has been obtained to ensure that this mechanism is available in an emergency.

We are happy to try to assist you in completing your will or power of attorney in particular at this time and of course if we can be of any help, please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 01505 874114 or email kw@kingsleywood.co.uk discuss your needs further.