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Selling a Property- Top 10 tips


  1. Take advantage of our free no-obligation valuations and appraisals. Presentation, discussion, and communication capture a buyer’s interest. Talk it through with us!

  2. Appearance is key -consider a Virtual Viewing package to show your home to best advantage!

  3. Kerb appeal is important – some say potential buyers make up their mind about a property in the first three minutes – how does your property look from the road?

  4. Don’t forget to tidy any front or back outdoor space – even if its shared;

  5. Spring clean! Have windows, woodwork, cupboards and cabinets gleaming!

  6. Maximise space – pack up your winter wardrobe, store the kids toys and de-clutter!

  7. Light up your home – make the function of each room clear – the purchaser wants to see how it would suit them;

  8. Replace seals in your bathroom or kitchen: old or worn sealant can impact negatively on your home report;

  9. Clear your gutters and drains;

  10. Do doors and windows open and close smoothly? Check them now.

Please contact our office on Tel: 01505 613799: or email mail@kingsleywood.co.uk for further assistance.

The moral is – take care of odd jobs about the house and freshen décor where you can just now -its well worthwhile. Who knows – you might even enjoy the DIY during lockdown! It will help with your Home Report, create a good impression for interested buyers and ensure you maximise your potential sales price.